Monday, 8 June 2015

Science or philosophy?

Building our life around our cultural beliefs and mainstream ideas, we all like the romanticised ideas of love and life.. Everyone likes the concept of unconditional romantic love, love at fist sight, those deep feelings only getting stronger as time goes on, soul mates, fate.. What is love in reality..? A simple secretion of hormones in our brain.. The release of neurotransmitters that we translate as "love".. A necessary process for our species to survive.. The first stage of love is solely connected to our sex drive, oestrogen and testosterone are released, sex hormones which make us lust for someone.. Then neurotransmitters, adrenalin dopamine and serotonin are released.. Our palms sweating, our heart beating faster, the dry mouth are all caused by the increased level of stress which increase your blood level of cortisol and adrenalin.. Elevated levels of dopamine give you that feeling of pleasure, lessen the need for sleep and actually has the same affect on the brain as having taken cocaine.. Serotonin, is what makes us think of the object of our affection non-stop.. Serotonin levels in newly love struck couples are eqiuivalent to low serotonin levels in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) patients..As time goes on the attachment gets stronger, this is due to oxytocine and vasopressin.. Oxytocine, also known as "the cuddle hormone" is released during orgasm which is why consummating a relationship makes a couple feel closer..Vasopresin which is released after a sexual encounter is the reason for that deep devotion.. That is love according to scientists, broken down to hormones and chemical releases  in the raphe nucleus, ventral pallidum, nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental regions of the brain..
Even time is an artificial construct, made up in our mind and put together in our basal ganglia.. Sadness can be caused by a neuorochemical imbalance..
Although neuroscience doesn't begin to comprehend the complexity of the human mind, it gives simple explanations of how and why we do a lot of the things we do.. A rational explanation to explain our irrational behaviour linked to strong emotions.. Rationally, the pain of heartbreak is all psychosomatic, simply put, it's all in our brain.. Why do we cry when we are in distress? When our brain registers feelings of sadness the endocrine systems is triggered to release ocular hormones which cause tears to form..
Mind over matter, think you're sad and in pain and you will be, free your mind and think you're happy and you are? Maybe that's all you need to do.. Maybe instead of trying to explain the inexplicable human nature, thinking rationally is all that is needed..Maybe breaking it all down to scientific mumble is a better way to deal.. No need to look deeper into the feeling behind it, you just look a bit deeper into your cerebrum, your parietal, occipital or temporal lobe.. It's all a matter of perception, how you chose to perceive the world around you.. asking deep philosophical questions about reality, love and life, rationalising everything and looking for the science, artistically flowing your way through life asking nothing and learning everything.. After all as Edgar Allan Poe said " All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream".. Reality, present past and future, time itself, are just words we have made up, to describe something with no real substance.. If all we perceive is a dream within a dream, isn't it our choice to wake up or keep on dreaming according to the life we want to live? Perception is a matter of choice, so in the same sense, reality is also a matter of choice.. It's an abstract concept , to be interpreted as it suits oneself.. Abstract concepts that you will stumble upon in life whether you choose to or not, no matter how you choose to interpret love for example, you shall feel throughout your life, but how you react to it or live it, is up to you.. 
What is love..? Philosophically and romantically speaking, it's a liberating feeling of fulfilment that everyone is searching for.. A concept to abstract to explain or put in words, unmeasurable, we try to measure it with actions.. An individual experience to every individual.. It's a deep rooted feeling that may start in your brain but you "feel in your heart".. It may not always be an everlasting feeling though, so you should share while you have it, you should cherish it, not let it perish.. You cannot hope for a flower to bloom without the sun or water, so why do you expect love to grow without care and devotion? Ignorance and disinterest shall kill the prettiest flower, the deepest feelings.. 
The here and the now, as artificial as they might be are will we have.. Whether they are a construct of our mind or not, it's where we need to live and love.. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today, what you can love today.. Action may end up killing Love not proving it.. words can cut deeper wounds than weapons.. 
Philosophy or Science, however you choose to perceive life and feelings, the best you can do, is live it when it comes.. let death be natural, don't bring it upon yourself or feelings..

Monday, 1 June 2015 was a sweet story nonetheless

So, once upon a time,not so long ago,  there was a girl and there was a boy.. and they met, and they clicked, and maybe they even really fell in love, maybe they even loved each other at some point.. but the boy, he loved someone else more.. and the girl, she made all the wrong decisions, instead of walking away, she walked right into him..and when she did, she couldn't find her way out again..Maybe you could say that was the beginning of a fairy tale, it was a sweet story nonetheless.. The boy, he was cute as a button, he was so different from the "night in shining armour" she'd imagined, but he came sweeping in like a prince of one of those fairytales.. He said nice things, and acted sweet, that much he did, he had a way of saying things without speaking, not through actions necessarily, through..gestures expressions.. So different.. And the girl, she just fell head over heels.. Maybe he did too..when?? she didn't even know.. maybe it was gradual, maybe little by little he pulled her in, or maybe it was the first time she met him.. That remains a mystery to her..
So, the boy and the girl.. they got closer, they got to know each other, but not in a traditional way, they went back and forth from strangers to something more than friends again and again, but still
“It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy;—it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.”
(― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility )
and just a few weeks, or maybe a few months were enough for them to know each other well enough.. Intimacy came easily, comfortable silence, looks of affection, they all came so easily.. Easily enough for them not to think rationally anymore.. And that's when shit happened, and they got too close, to intimate, and that's when the boy had to make some hard choices, it was time for him to go, but the girl, she couldn't understand those choices, or the hardships he went through when he made them, at first, so she made mistakes, many of them, stuck in this endless circle of blame and anger.. She acted selfishly, she did that a lot for a long while, she tried to hold on, she tried to let go, she tried being angry and tried being forgiving.. she tried moving on.. She tried blaming him, which worked for a while.. until she saw her own mistakes reflected.. By the time he came back, they were both different people, but she still saw some affection in his eyes, surely more than some affection in her eyes.. maybe some of their mistakes had been forgiven.. But that lasted only for a little while, for the boy left again, this time she smiled at him when he left.. But those two, those two and their characters, such opposed characters yet so much the same,  they clashed again and again as they went, that must be when things started to fall completely apart, as they fought and they said things neither could take back.. more pieces broke off every time, until there was nothing more to brake, nothing more to lose.. It was a sweet story nonetheless..
They both knew what they had done wrong by now, though neither admitted it truly.. They both knew, that chance they had..? it was one in a million, and one in a million takes so much effort, effort they never put into it.. maybe it just wasn't meant to be.. The girl, she never managed.. to make him feel as she felt, she managed to make him fight.. The boy, he just chose to act as if he didn't care at all again and again.. Maybe he ended up not caring anyway..maybe it was her fault, maybe it was her faults, maybe it was him, maybe the both of them.. who knows.. who ever will..? neither tried all that hard that was for sure.. Somewhere along the way, maybe some feelings were lost, maybe they faded away in all their time apart.. Maybe they didn't have enough passion, maybe they didn't have enough love for each other.. or maybe just maybe they did.. who knows.. who ever will..?
Now there was nothing left to do..The boy.. he never forgave nor forgot her mistakes.. he blamed her.. the girl.. she blamed them both I guess.. torn between who was more at fault.. The truth? who knows..? who ever will..?
Now there was nothing left to do.. it was the end of the road you could say.. All the girl could do was say.. "sorry".. and quit.. all the boy could do.. was speak the truth and end it for good.. Once upon a time, not so long ago.. you could of said.. " you never know with these two, you never know".. now the time had probably come when you could know for sure.. the time had come, and there was nothing else to do, than say I'm sorry and goodbye.. even when distance was not between them anymore, even when the boy came back, the will to see the girl, the will to see the boy, maybe it was lost.. Maybe all that's left is ashes as the fire burned everything in it's way.. There was nothing left for the girl to say other than "thank you, for all the lesson, for all the memories, for all the moments" , there was nothing left for the boy to say than "I feel nothing no more, I'm sorry".. admittance of their mistakes, forgiveness of those mistakes, that was the only way now..Their story was unique that much was for sure.. Unique just like them..
It was a sweet story nonetheless, it was one in a million, maybe it could of even been  fairytale..!! who knows..? who ever will..?
The end?